Nihar Gagneja

Sound Editor and Re-Recording Mixer

About Me

My name is Nihar Gagneja, and I'm a sound editor and mixer based in Chicago, IL. I have experience with dialogue and sound effects editing, re-recording mixing, and location sound. In the summer of 2021, I completed sound designing Chicago director Alex Thompson's sophomore feature Rounding (2022), assisting with the mixing process at Skywalker Sound.

I recently sound designed and mixed musician and filmmaker Eric Christopher Owen's debut feature Thirst, an understated horror/thriller about the mysterious spread of psychosis in a small town. I also work with the Austin-based post house Soundcrafter as a sound editor on broadcast TV content, including TLC's My 600-Lb. Life.


Sound effects editing and re-recording mixing are my bread and butter, but I offer all of the following services:

Re-Recording Mixing

Nothing can snap you out of a film like poorly balanced sound. I'll coax each element of the soundtrack to shine exactly when it should.

Sound Design

Sound design is creating an atmosphere around your story to give it life and shape. I will make your film not only sound good, but help bring your world to life and tell your story to its fullest potential.

Sound Effects Editing

Distant phones ringing, elevator doors, kids playing in the distance. You'll miss these sounds if they are absent, but you'll notice them too much if poorly placed.

Backgrounds Editing

Personally my favorite sound group, backgrounds are highly functional in helping fill out the dialogue, but also offer deep creative potential for shaping the atmosphere and feeling of your project.

Location Sound Mixing

I bring my post-sound perspective to my work in location sound, where I correct issues on set to save you expensive post-production remedies like ADR.

Dialogue Editing

A well-done dialogue edit helps hide the fact that the film was edited together at all making your story truly immmersive.

Script Coverage

If you are still in the pre-production stage, this is a great time to have me read your script and provide suggestions for how sound might help you tell your story before you begin filming.


In addition to being extremely fun to perform, foley has the unique power to make the grandiose feel intimate and the intimate feel grandiose.


Alex Thompson

Writer-Director of Rounding (2022)

Tribeca Film Festival

I feel so lucky to have got to work with Nihar on Rounding, a feature that required a near-maniacal sound design. Nihar is not maniacal himself, but aggressively talented, with great taste, and he wields his leadership gently, with good humor and enthusiasm.

Kelly O'Sullivan

Writer-Director of My Summer Vacation (2022)

Chicago International Film Festival

Nihar was a joy to work with and an indispensable collaborator in bringing my film to life. He works with patience, enormous skill, and meticulousness, and I hope to work with him again and again.

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